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You’re in the front seat with the window down

Golden curls blowing all around

Steve Earle’s on the radio

We’ve got a couple hundred miles to go

Haven’t see my mama for a long, long time

I know she’s wondering’ if I’m still alive

I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt

About the hand that I’ve been dealt



So baby come real close

Whispering low

I wanna hear you say my name

As I move over and change my lane

Tell me we’re almost home

Whispering low

And by the time that the sun goes down

I’ll be pulling into my hometown


I’m pushing 80 on the interstate

I’m going home and I don’t want to be late

The traffic’s light out on 95

All I want to do is sing out loud and drive

My favorite station’s fading in and out

There really doesn’t seem to be much doubt

By the time that the clock strikes ten

I’ll be back among my family and friends





I’ve been on this road

For longer than I can recall

With you by my side

Trying to make sense out of it all

Whenever I’m feeling slightly

Deranged and confused

I take to the highway

It calms and it soothes

The road makes me feel that

There’s really nothing to lose




And by the time that the sun goes down

I’ll be pulling into my hometown

Pack up my guitar

And that old station wagon

Head on down to the shore

Past the farms and the old roadside markets

and that mom and pop liquor store

I’ve got my notebook

I’ve got my Gibson

And a t-shirt that’s tattered and worn

A sandwich, some whiskey

And two cups of coffee

Couldn’t ask for anything more



I don’t need a reason

For feeling this good

I don’t need a reason to smile

I don’t need a reason

For blowing off work

And just kicking back for a while

Living my life country style


Listening to music

By Texas songwriters

Tequila and dust in their voice

Not really sure

If I’m coming or going

Not having to make any choice

The rain’s pouring down

And southern winds are blowing

This storm’s got me locked up inside

It’s hard to go down

And stare at the water

Hard weather to go out for a ride





On a day like today

Time moves too fast

Locked in a mood

That I just want to last

Wishing this moment

Was frozen in time

Like a painting that captures the light


The sun just escaped

From a blanket of gray clouds

Shadows are filling the yard

I slip on my boots

And walk out on the porch

No intention to go very far

I might take a walk

Down to the harbor

I might write a song just to say

That living like this

Could be habit forming

Who needs a job anyway?



The possibilities of another city called

I felt blinded by the neon lights

Among the crowds of people

In a town that never sleeps

I could walk the streets all night

Trying to make sense of this loneliness

That suffocates me since you went away

You took my kids and a way of life

That I miss more and more everyday

But this river basin has been my home

For the last twenty years or so

This lazy orange river like an umbilical cord

Refuses to let me go



Leaving Lafayette won’t take away the pain

It’ll only make it hard for me to see

The truth about myself and the things

I need to change

Leaving Lafayette won’t set me free



The balmy winds across the bayou

Soothe my soul when I’m alone at night

And since you’ve moved back east

To your parents’ house

There’s no one to hold me tight

Well there’s some comfort in familiarity

There’s something to be said

For knowing which way the river flows

And where I can lay my head

I feel like an outsider no matter where I am

I think I may have always felt this way 

A writer keeps his distance no matter where he lives

So I guess that I might as well stay





Riding in my truck past the fields of cane

Listening to my wheels splashing puddles in the rain

The air is thick as blood that pulses through my veins

Lafayette keeps calling me, calling out my name



We went to bed at sunrise

At the dawning of the day

We hit the beach around noon time

We were hardly awake

Stacked the shelves after supper

With liquor, wine and lemonade

Counted minutes until closing

Then we would go downtown and play



On the early side of a starlit ride

With the night just beginning to fall

I pop the top of a barley pop

And drink a toast to one and all

Drive on down to that honky-tonk town

With its t-shirts, tarot, and beer

Living life without fear

Life without fear


We washed our clothes on Monday

Once all the tourists left the town

We curbed the trash on Tuesday

Cans of Bud Light strewn around

We cleaned the kitchen every Wednesday

If it needed it or not

We put up pictures of our girlfriends

‘cause they were sweet and young and hot





We searched our pockets

For quarters and dimes

To buy a cheap bottle of wine

We sat on the porch

Watched the world go by

No regrets and no sense of time



Hypnotized like a hot August beer buzz

And it’s only the 4th of July

Tantalized by that thing that your lip does

Blown away by your whispers and sighs

My thoughts are unfocused

And I don’t really care

If it’s morning or evening or night

 ‘cause when summertime’s here

I won’t cry no tears

I’ll just go with the flow of the day



Summertime love

Summertime love

Blows in on the winds of s storm

Summertime love

Summertime love

Melts away like the fog in the morn


Paralyzed by the heat around noontime

My body feels stuck in this chair

Mesmerized by your curves and your waistline

And the blonde and red streaks in your hair

I want to jump up

And hold you real close

so this memory will not fade away

But I hesitate

And then it’s too late

you just disappear in the waves





Love in November stays with you

It comforts, it warms and it soothes

Love in December is crazy

Fueled on by parties and booze

Love that outlasts February

Is love that may have a chance

But love that gets started

When April has parted

Fades away when May turns to June


Fantasize that she blows in on a south wind

With the sun at her back you can see

Memorize the curves of her silhouette

It’s a vision outrageous and free

But don’t try to hard

To capture that bird

She will be gone before too long

She’ll slip away

Before night turns to day

And all you’ll have left is her song




I’ve been sleeping in this hotel bed

For too may nights on a row

Been too many nights away from home

And I know it’s time to go

My back hurts and I’m running out of clothes

I don’t sleep the whole night through

I’ve been sleeping in this hotel bed

All I wanna do is sleep with you


I last saw you Sunday night

You kissed me at the curb

I told you I’d be back before long

You never said a word

I know you’ve heard it all before

Your silence said it all

Now I’m on this plane heading back to you

So keep the light on in the hall




In Denver I felt so alone

The wind was cold and dry

In Missoula I called you on the phone

and I’m not going to lie

As I arrived in Minneapolis

I had already booked a flight

To bring me back to Baltimore

Early Friday night



My room is on the 14th floor

They shove the paper under the door

I’m feeling tired and sore

I just wanna lie next to you once more



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