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Love In The Time Of Chaos examines the search for love and happiness in the midst of our crazy, chaotic times. The album features a combination of songs about love and the social and political forces that can often make relationships difficult to manage. 


The songs on The Gulf Between Us explore some of what keeps us apart...divergent social and political beliefs; our inability to love more generously and selflessly; the passing of someone we love and depend upon; the recent pandemic that forces us to keep family and friends at a distance. I offer these songs with the hope that they provide an opportunity to ponder how we might evolve in ways that bring us closer together.


A guy stops off a his favorite watering hole on the way home from a hard day at work. He drops $5 in the jukebox. Absolute Surprise represents what he'd want to hear..mostly upbeat songs, a couple of ballads...some country, some bluesy stuff, a little rock n roll. You know - songs you want to sing out loud.

Gone Baby Gone tells the story of the break-up of a long term relationship. The first song, The Last 20 Years, serves as the prologue, pulling the listener into the story. The next several cuts explain how the relationship begins, and how it falls apart. The final song, House For Sale, is the epilogue, sending the listener away with thoughts of what might have been. Gone Baby Gone is storytelling set to music...sometimes sad, other times, upbeat and happy - just like meaningful relationships. 

Craig describes Whispering Low as his "summer road trip soundtrack." Released in 2011, this is Americana/Roots music at its best. Withh a new line-up of supporting musicians including Kurt Hammond on guitar, Edward Graham on bass, Doug Workman on drums, and Bob Spates on fiddle, Whispering Low features songs with tight arrangements and immediately singable choruses. Fellow Baltimore-based songwriter Sahffi provides angelic background vocals on many of the songs.

Road Trips and Relationships was released in 2008. It is an ode to Craig's 70's-era singer/songwriter influences. Featured players on the CD include guitarists Bob Hume and Wall Matthews, and pedal steel player Dave Hadley. The song, Highway To Love, won honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriting Contest in 2009.

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The title cut from Craig's 2011 CD, Whispering Low, was selected by a jury of music industry folks from around the country to be the first track on this double CD compilation produced by the Baltimore Songwriters' Association. Songwriters' Serenade: The Best of the BSA was released in 2014.

Highway To Love, one of Craig's road trip songs from the 2008 CD Road Trips and Relationships, was chosen for this 2009 compilation CD.

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