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Absolute Surprise

You were sittin’ at the bar

Staring at your beer

Talking to yourself

So no one could hear

I pulled up a stool

And bought another round

I promised just to sit there

I wouldn’t make a sound

Sometimes the very best friends

Don’t even say a word

It’s better to be seen than to be heard



Sometimes the greatest lover

Starts out as just a friend

At first I kinda liked you

But found I loved you in the end

You didn’t think I cared that much

now she sees it in my eyes

Sometimes the greatest romance

Is an absolute surprise

An absolute surprise


Eventually you sighed

And turned your face to me

You said, “It’s been a while’”

And you wondered where I’d been

I told you I’d been traveling

For the last month or two

Looking for some questions

To find the answers to

At that moment I confided

As I drove toward the horizon

What really mattered most was your smile




You asked about my plans

Now that I was back in town

I told you very honestly

I meant to stick around

You told me not to lie

begged me for the truth

You said there’s a lot to gain

But even more to lose

Your appetite for heartbreak

Was at an all time low

So you would have to take things real slow




You're on fire

girl, look at you

in those black jeans, lace, and motorcycle boots

You got style

you're the kinda girl who's

got a lot going on with nothing to prove



'Cause you're kinda wild

with a cool attitude

everything to gain and nothing to lose

And that smile...

you haven't got a clue

just how much damage you can do


Baby I

have to confess

you've made my mind such a mess

My heart

just pounds in my chest

I'm not sure what happens next




Right now

I'm feeling wired

Aroused, on edge, and out of my mind

Waiting for you

To give me a sign

‘cause my love for you won’t be denied



Natural Disaster

When we first met she was a tropical storm

All rough winds, and rain clouds and heat

She was a little bit dangerous

And a little bit crazy

But her lovin’ was oh so sweet

She grew into a hurricane

Destroying everything in her path

I swore I would love her forever

But there was no way that I could last



She’s a natural disaster

She makes everyone run for cover

She’s a natural disaster

Don’t try to be her friend, don’t try to be her lover

She’s a natural disaster

Run baby run

Run baby run


The first time I held her

The earth moved beneath my feet

And the way that she rumbled

And tumbled beneath me

Made me feel complete

But then she became an earthquake

She shook me so hard that I lost my way

She knocked me down and left me alone

And all that I can say is





Don’t turn around

I know she won’t settle down

The more that I love her

The more she breaks my heart


I called her my little twister

Her lips made me dizzy I just had to kiss her

My head was spinning

I kinda liked the vertigo

The she turned into a Texas tornado

A funnel cloud two thousand feet high

She chewed me up and she spit me out

Leaving nothing of value behind



Pawn Store Pistol

About five foot five, man alive

kinda keeps her distance she's the silent type

But underneath that look of nonchalance

there's a clever little woman who can tease and taunt

No one ever thought she could be the one

who could use a gun to steal the money and run

But she fooled 'em once and she fooled 'em twice

with a little bit of sugar and a little bit of spice


That girl is on the run

from the lawman, son

They're trying to track her down

but she's skipped town



My baby she's hot as a pawn store pistol

That girl she's hot as a pawn store pistol

Those kisses of hers make me sizzle

My baby she's hot as a pawn store pistol

And I stoke her fire

when she gives me the signal


She grew up in a living hell

her daddy was a thief and her taught her well

showed her how to use a smile and a friendly word

to take all the money and not get hurt

how to make 'em think that you're on their side

and when they're not looking then you rob 'em blind

stay above suspicion and under control

and never let your true intentions show


Check the most wanted list

man, you can't resist

the angel with the big brown eyes

she's one of a kind...



Sight Lines

I start thinking about you

five minutes after I leave,

and every hour or so I picture your face.

I hear your voice telling me

baby, it's OK,

you can take life at your own pace.



Girl I've got you in my sight lines,

and it won't be a long time,

before you see my face standing at our door.

I'm coming to you just to unwind,

to clear my head and ease my mind, 

and lay back with you in a chair on our front porch. 

Girl I've got my sight lines.


 In the midday bustle

of people making their way,

I imagine you easy, calm, and free.

Legs draped across that glider,

laughter on your lips,

those come here eyes looking right at me.




I pull up in the driveway

and stumble out of my car,

and you are waiting there, it's like a dream.

I kick my boots off

and you kiss me on the lips.

You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.




I'm feeling anxious I can't keep from thinking

it doesn't help that I've been drinking

I'm infatuated with you

You said you’re alone but I worry you're somewhere

Looking so fine and making the guys stare

they're infatuated with you

You whisper, “Baby don’t be jealous”

Your warm breath makes me feel so helpless

I have a question and I

need to know the truth

Are you infatuated too?


You're out with a girlfriend, a Tuesday night thing

I'm sitting here hoping that my phone rings

I'm infatuated with you

I've seen the way that she looks into your eyes

those deep clear pools of blue

That girl’s infatuated with you

I don't mean to seem suspicious

but your kisses are so delicious

They drive me crazy girl,

do mine do that to you?

Are you infatuated too?


You laugh when I ask if you're mad about me

you smile so easy, so carefree

you say baby don't worry so much

I'm the kind of woman you can trust,

woo oh oh oh oh oh


Please don't think that I'm mistrustful

full of doubts and fears and troubles

I just love you so much

I don't know what  to do

Are you infatuated too?

Are  you infatuated too?

I'm infatuated with you

Are you infatuated too?

I’m infatuated with you

Long Ride Home

I touched down in Dallas

For an hour or two

On my way back east

Coming home to you

The tarmac was crowded

The clouds were so white

Like the roses I’ll be bringing you

When I get home tonight



It’s a long ride home

I can feel you in my bones

Your skin, and your hair, and your face

Pressed against me, my arms around your waist

It’s a long ride home…to you


Flew across Mississippi

It was muddy and brown

When you’re up in the clouds

There’s no cities or towns

No landmarks or sights

To remind me of you

I’m staring at your picture

That’s the best I can do





I know you’ve grown impatient

That you want me to be around

Spend less time in the air

And more time on the ground


Now we’re over Virginia

And the mountains are green

We begin our descent

To a city unseen

I look at my watch

And it’s quarter to eight

Touching down a little bit early

I hope you won’t be late



Better Than I Ever Was

My knees ache

By back is sore

I guess I’m not a young buck anymore

But my head is clear

And my vision’s sharp

These days I find I have a kinder heart


I’m happy to say

As I get a little older

I’m a little less likely to judge

When the river runs high

and the flood gates open

I don’t worry because

I’m better than I ever was… (2x)



My hair is grey

My beard is white

I don’t stay awake and party all night

I get up early

Take a walk outside

My feet are on the ground but I’m ready to fly


Funny thing is

I feel so much younger

Still got fire burning in my blood

When the storms clouds rumble

And thunder rattles the rafters

I don’t worry because

I’m better than I ever was… (2x)



I wouldn’t mind being twenty again

If I could know what I know now

And live back then

I’d bite my tongue

And lower my voice

Spend more time

Finding my joy…yeah


Funny thing is

I feel so much younger

Still got fire burning in my blood

When the storms clouds rumble

And thunder rattles the rafters

I don’t worry because

I’m better than I ever was… (3x)


Sugar High


I get a sugar high

Sug sug sugar high

I get a sugar high

when you walk by

I get a sugar high

Sug sug sugar high

I get a sugar high

when you walk by



Your lips taste like strawberry pie

Your hair is the color of honey so fine

Your perfume smells like blackberry wine

I want to be close to you all the time




Your eyes are green like ripe honeydew

Your teeth are like a bowl of sugar cubes

If I can’t taste your sweetness

I don’t know what I’ll do

Baby I’ve got such a craving for you


I get a sugar high

Sug sug sugar high


If you’re gone for an hour I crash

My friends look at me and they ask

 “Hey boy, what’s the matter with you?

Is there anything we can do

To pick you up?”


I get a sugar high

Sug sug sugar high


You’re a bakery filled with sweets

My little eastern peach

I’m gonna pluck you right off of the tree

And keep your nectar all for me



Test Of Time

The test of time

The test of time

The test of time

The test of time


One night I phoned from Oklahoma

a little town outside of Tulsa

your roommate said that you were not at home

I called you from Louisiana

on my way to Alabama

thinking I could catch you home alone

Right now I'm heading east to Georgia

staying somewhere near Atlanta

crashing on a couch with some old friends

I might be headed to Virginia

it's been so damn long since I've seen ya

this road trip to nowhere will not end



I swore I wouldn't be gone long

And if you would be patient, I could be the man you want

You said that you would wait for me

you didn't want me leaving but you knew it had to be

I always thought that you'd be mine

And now it seems our love has failed...

the test of time

The test of time

The test of time

The test of time


It's funny how our lives have changed

our best laid plans gone up in flames

because I couldn't love you like you need it

I guess I’ll have to take the blame

and live forever with the shame

of knowing I ignored you when you pleaded

"Please come home," I heard you say

"I can't stand this one more day."

"My life feels like unfinished business."

Well I know there is a lot at stake

So baby, can you just wait

a little longer, I'm begging your forgiveness



Lucky In Love

I’m not lucky at cards

I draw clubs when I need hearts

But I thank my stars above

That I’m lucky in love

When I go to the track

My money goes out and it never comes back

I never pick a winner, that’s a fact

But I’m lucky in love



Lucky in love

Lucky in love

I pinch myself to make sure this is real

Lucky in love

Lucky in love

Every time I get the raw end of a deal

I remember that I’m holding you near

And that I’m lucky in love


The 4 leaf clover I found

On the side of the road outside of town

Slipped through my fingers and fell to the ground

But I’m lucky in love

That horseshoe nailed to the wall

A white rabbit’s foot, that shiny penny I saw

Never had much effect on me at all

But I’m lucky in love





If I bet that the sky is blue

The clouds roll in changing the view

If I wager that the grass is green

It will all turn brown, you know what I mean


When I see your smile

The way that you walk and your incredible style

It’s all good after a while

‘cause I’m lucky in love



21st Century Poor

I used to have three credit cards,

I used to have a home,

I used to have a quiet place

where I could be alone.

I used to own two vehicles,

a beater and a truck,

but now I’m out of money

and I’ve run out of luck.

I’m living in a rehabbed double-wide,

a wife, two kids, and a couple pets inside,

every day at five a.m. I’m headed out the door,

I’m 21st century poor…

21st century poor.


I used to have an office

with a desk chair and a view.

I used to do the payroll for a helper and a crew.

Two weeks of vacation in December and July,

but they laid me off in August

and they never told me why.

These days I’m living hand to mouth,

Baltimore’s expensive, I think I might head south.

Gotta find a place where a dollar gets me more,

I’m 21st century poor…

21st century poor.



My son works at the Walmart for 200 bucks a week.

My daughter she does daycare we’re trying to make ends meet.

My wife says not to worry, she’s trying to be sweet.

And I can’t help but thinking about what we’ve got to eat.


I’ve got a high school education,

but it don’t count for much.

I should’ve gone to college and studied math and such.

That GED diploma

it’s kind of like a toy,

and it really don’t mean nothing to them smart-assed, west-side boys.

Twelve-hour days, seven days a week,

raking leaves and mowin’, and dyin’ from the heat,

come home every evening and pass out on the floor.

I’m 21st century poor…

21st century poor.

At The End Of A Working Day

I slap at the alarm

feels like the middle of the night

the moon is still high in the sky

It feels so warm

with my baby nearby

one day I'm gonna make her my bride

Lacing up my boots about half past five

on the road about a quarter 'til

Hammer hits the nail about 6 a.m.

in the early morning chill

As soon as the day is over

I'll climb into my car and drive



I pull into the parking lot

of my neighborhood bar

where everybody knows who you're not

and who you are

Put five dollars in the jukebox

play my favorite songs

and order cold beer 'til my cash

is all gone

Drive home as the daylight fades

at the end of a working day


Lunch around ten forty-five

Afternoon break about one

melting in the mid-day sun

My back is on fire

my shoulders ache

a little hard work don't hurt no one

Sawdust hiding in the cuff of my jeans

dirt underneath my fingernails

My baby wants to pack it in and head down south

she says our life is getting stale


I daydream about us starting over

As we get into our car and drive




Drive home as the daylight fades

At the end of a working day

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