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The Last 20 Years

Is it a week or a month or a year

Since you walked away?

I’m really not sure

‘cause all the days seem to blend into one

The shock of you leaving me

Keeps me from saying the things that ought to be said

I never considered

That one day you’d stop loving me



The last 20 years must count for something

Don’t you still want me to call you darling

Don’t you want me to tell you that things are alright

And whisper I love you after we fight

I just can’t believe you don’t want my loving

These last 20 years must count for something


If you won’t come back

I don’t think I’ll start over again

Just continue my life

Without someone to confide in

I’ll probably ask you to come around sometime

Just to fill up some of the space

That’s achingly empty

Since you left your ring in the drawer





Am I really that bad

That you’d forsake all we had?

I’m willing to change

If you can tell me what you want me to be


I’ll ask you once more

To come back to Clarksville with me

It’s quiet enough

That we can talk about where we went wrong

But it’s the last time I’m asking

Because my pride won’t let me get down on my knees and beg

I want you so bad

But there’s some things that I just won’t do



Right Of First Refusal

You've got a tattoo on your arm of a broken heart

and a bottle of tequila to ease the pain

You showed up at my door falling apart

with your hair and your clothes soaked from the rain


You’re not sure you’ll ever love again

Don’t worry baby I can just be your friend

but if there ever comes a time when...

you're ready for more



I want the right of first refusal

I've been waiting for your approval

I’m gonna make my move

the minute

you say the word

I want the right of first refusal

and if I'm really being truthful

I think the time is perfect

For you and me


I want the right… of first refusal


Come in and sit by the fire you know you can talk to me

Or we can sit in silence that’s OK

Whatever it is you need is what I’ll be

And what you need to hear is what I’ll say


When the pain in your heart is gone

And you decide that it’s time to move on

In my arms is where you belong

And there…you can stay



Second Choice

I see he made you cry

There’s anger burnin’ in your eyes

I wish I felt a little more surprised

What has he done to you

Treated you just like a fool

That’s the thing that I would never do


You can count on me

To hold on to you



I don’t wanna be your second


your back up boy when he’s not


I just wanna be your number one

I’ll pick you up when you’re feeling down…

I don’t wanna be your second choice


You know that I will always be

The guy who treats you tenderly

Listens to your dreams and holds your hand

Let’s take a chance on you and me

I know how good that we can be

Let’s roll the dice and see where this thing leads


So stay with me

Never leave





You say you’re not ready

To open up your arms

I say baby, you can trust me

You want to take it slow

And learn to trust another heart

Baby I’ll give you

All of the time

You need



Gone Baby Gone

She got into my blood like the rodeo

I held her tightly, I wouldn't let go

When she tried to toss me aside

This cowboy dug in his spurs

andcontinued to ride

she said she was leaving in the morning

I begged her to stay

as daylight was forming



She told me she wanted to jump on that train

head northeast and start all over again

change her name

color her hair

live without worries or cares

She was movin' on

She was gone baby gone

She was gone baby gone


Like a needle in search of a vein she got under my skin

this was a challenge I couldn't win

she didn't care if I cursed or I cried

her mind was set, this was goodbye

I offered to drive her to the station

but she refused the invitation




I couldn't believe how badly it hurt

but I got up off the ground and

brushed off the dirt



Shoulda Built A Bridge


I shoulda built a bridge

to get a little closer

Built a bridge

so I could of kissed and held you

Built a bridge

to show you that my love’s still there

I should have built a bridge

so there wasn’t any doubt

Built a bridge

so we could have figured out

how to get across the muddy might’ve been


Tried to get back home to see if you’re still there

In that old blue house outside of Mayfair

But the river between us is deep and wide

And I’m left with nothing but regret




I remember the feeling of your fingers wrapped in mine

sitting on your porch passing the time

Now this distance between us grows greater day by day

and I don’t think that’s ever gonna change



My thoughtless words

Caused all this hurt

And the wound’s still open even now



Ol' Santa Fe

Headed out from ol’ Santa Fe

On an October morning in the middle of May

The breeze it was blowing

It was cloudy outside

I gassed up that pony and I went for a ride

I was thinking of you

and how you’d love that the mountains are blue

In the early morning light

In the early morning light


I’ll be here waiting for you to come home

Living without you makes me feel so alone

At the end of your travels

At the end of your day

Come back and love me

in ol’ Santa Fe


I stopped near a bridge on the outside of town

Walked out to the middle and looked all around

The canyon was deep

And the river was brown

The sky was still grey there was barely a sound

I wished you were there

Breathing that clean mountain air

In the late afternoon

In the late afternoon


It can be hard to stay in one place

Too many roads and no time to waste

Whenever you just need

To find your own space

Come back to your home in ol’ Santa Fe

House For Sale


Our house is up for sale

and all our memories are drifting away

There's a lock box on the door

cause neither of us has the nerve to stay

I really can’t imagine

someone painting the nursery blue

Or digging up our roses,

 ‘cause they want to plant something new

Our house is up for sale

and all our memories are drifting away


When we first signed the lease

we didn't care what the future would bring

You gave me your love

and I gave you a wedding ring

We thought we would last forever

That nothing could bring us down

But it seems our dream has ended, right now


Our house is up for sale

And all our memories are drifting away


Well it's been 15 years

since we first walked through that door

the lease became a deed

and our family grew from two to four

But now you need a man

who spends every night at home

you want me to live a quiet life, but I won't


Our house is up for sale

And all our memories are drifting away


You're moving to Washington County

cause you've got family there

I'm headed to the ocean

so I can breathe in the salty air

We're both looking high and low

for a place to call our own

Together we’ll start over, alone



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