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Hi There Music Lovers!
My latest album, Love In The Time Of Chaos, was released in November of 2023. It is my sixth full-length release. Many who know my music well tell me they believe this is my best album yet. On this recording, I wanted to find a way to combine my desire to write mature love songs with my need to continue providing some of the social/political commentary found on my previous album, The Gulf Between Us. I think the combination of love and chaos reflects the reality of our daily lives...we engage in loving relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners, while constantly dealing with the social and political chaos that confronts us every time we look at our smartphones, watch television, or read a newspaper or magazine. Headlines scream out at us as we spend our busy days on what I think are more important pursuits - trying to cultivate meaningful relationships with friends; looking out for our families; or simply seeking to find some inner peace and quiet in a world that is often loud and obnoxious. 
The making of an album is a joyous experience. It is especially so when some of the finest musicians around agree to be part of the recording and lend their incredible talents to the music. Several of these amazing talents have recorded with me previously including Gantt Kushner (guitar, bass, sound engineer and co-producer), Andy Hamburger (drums and percussion), Brian Simms (keyboards and accordion), and Tiffany Shanta (violin). Pedal steel player Lynn Kasdorf brings his talents to several of the songs, and Michelle Hannan sings incredible harmonies on every song. There are also cameo appearances from Ira Gitlin (banjo) and fellow Azalea City recordings label mate Seth Kibel (tenor sax), while I continue to write the songs, play acoustic guitar and sing lead vocals. I am excited to share my latest musical project with you, and I hope you will take the time to listen and find something in the music that speaks to you. I appreciate your support and I can't wait for you to listen to the songs and tell me what you think. Good music can soothe the soul and provide some escape from the chaotic world we face daily. Remember, in less hectic times, when you'd buy a new album, remove the shrink wrap, play it from start to finish, ponder all of the lyrics, and exclaim your amazement at the skills of the players?? that!
Peace And A Cold Beer,

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